Investing Account

Traditional investing accounts hold and grow your money.
To take advantage of these accounts, you need to:

  1. Manage the flow of money between your accounts through an ongoing manual process
  2. Typically know what you want to invest in
  3. Be prepared to lock your money away

If you happen to need your money, lead times of up to ten days apply and you may even face a penalty. This friction helps to explain why 86% of Americans do not invest outside of their individual retirement account (traditional IRA), and so many of us leave our money sitting idle in our checking account.

Enter Finch

Finch’s all-in-one checking and investing account lets you earn investment returns directly on your checking balance while providing instant access to your money (even the invested part!). As a robo advisor, we make selecting your investments easy by providing you personalized investment recommendations that best suit your needs.

By keeping your money in Finch, you could increase your wealth by up to 50% every ten years.

What Finch Offers

Finch combines the conveniences of checking and the powers of investing into one seamless account. What does this mean? No more needing to “save to invest”. You can start from wherever you are with whatever you have and be rest assured knowing your money is working for you and you’ll have access to it when you need it.

This is all without needing to significantly change the way you manage your money today. Once you open an account with Finch, you can deposit and spend just like you would with a typical checking account. When it comes to your investments, we manage the rest.

Our goal is to help you put your money to work, and with our all-in-one checking and investing account, it’s never been easier.

How it Works

Opening a Finch account is easy. There are no hidden fees and minimums, and you can start for free.

Invest simply

Finch makes it easy to put your money to work!

When you sign up for your Finch account, we ask you a few questions to determine your risk tolerance and goals. We use this information to provide you personalized investment recommendations and guidance as you build your portfolio. Finch only offers a curated set of large, diversified, low-cost stock and bond ETFs created by some of the world’s largest asset managers. This is to make your investment choices simple while managing risk to a level that is appropriate for your everyday account.

For the investing enthusiasts looking for a little more control, we provide the option for you to adjust your portfolio mix to your desired level.

Finch offers two portfolios – Stable and Growth:

The Stable portfolio consists of cash and a mix of ETFs that invest in short-term government and corporate bonds. The goal of this portfolio is to allow you to dip your toes into investing while aiming to preserve your capital. This portfolio gives you the potential to earn a return marginally greater than, but comparable to, what you would earn in a high yield savings account. Over the past ten years, a simulated Finch account invested in a typical Stable portfolio would have earned 9.0x more than a checking account and 1.8x more than a high yield savings account.

The Growth portfolio consists of cash and a mix of ETFs that invest in US large stocks and bonds. The goal of this portfolio is to help you to unlock the benefits of investing and build long term wealth. Over the past ten years, a simulated Finch account invested in a typical Growth portfolio would have increased your balance by 33%.

Also, as a reflection of our values, we offer a free upgrade to a sustainable version of the growth portfolio that invests in companies that have a positive environmental impact, are socially responsible, and commit to high governance standards.

With your portfolio selected, your investments are put on autopilot, and your balance is put to work for you.

From here, you can deposit into and spend from your Finch account just like you would with a typical checking account. When it comes to your investments, we’ll manage them for you. Your investment returns are posted to your account each business day and are automatically reinvested as are any dividends you receive. When you deposit or spend, we use fractional shares to rebalance your investment portfolio to keep you at your portfolio mix. This makes it easy to manage your personal finances and save for retirement and your financial goals!

The days of chasing returns based on interest rates are over! With a Finch account your idle money has the opportunity to grow based on market performance.

Spend instantly

Need your cash right away? Finch is the first account to offer instant access to your invested balances. This means for purchases big or small, you can access your money just like you would with a typical checking account.

The Features & Benefits of Opening a Finch account

Finch is a one-of-a-kind account with features that can truly make a difference to your financial future:

  • Entire balance automatically invested
  • Instant access to your balance
  • Personalized investment recommendations
  • Integrated checking account and investing account
  • Free basic account
  • No hidden fees
  • Commission-free trading
  • Free bank transfers
  • Added debit card security
  • Free withdrawals at over 55k ATMs

In addition to these features and benefits, we’re backed by a FDIC insured bank and SIPC insured broker dealer so you can rest easy knowing your money is protected.

How to get started:

Opening an account is easy. Setup your account in minutes, with our easy process. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download our mobile app for iOS
  2. Open an account
  3. Deposit your money into your account
  4. View our personalized investment recommendations

5. Select your package and portfolio mix
6. Earn investment returns on your entire balance
7. Access your money instantly, even the invested part!

Ready to Fly with Finch?

Finch is а one-of-a-kind checking and investing account designed to help you spread your wings. Download our iOS mobile app and start putting your money to work today.